Welcome to Kassidy Ilayne Studios / Brand + Web Refresh!

Branding photoshoot at Blanc Studio West.
Branding photoshoot at Blanc Studio West.


My photography was founded in 2017. As a junior in highschool, I started snapping photos of my friends and family with no goal in sight. All I knew is how much I loved making other people feel beautiful and confident. I chased that, and thus, “Kt Kollections” was born. 

In the following years, I found my heart wandering towards wedding photography. Originally I had hoped to work strictly with seniors and families, but I was hooked on a new-found love for couples. It didn’t get pretty serious until 2019, when I photographed my very first wedding!

Ever since then, I have developed a true passion for not only couples, but other creatives. Well-curated weddings and artful engagement sessions have become my muse. Along with this, I love helping other small business owners to have imagery that honors their hard work. Watching my business evolve from a hobby into my full time career and seeing my “specialities” switch so drastically, I began to desire change.


As a 2 wing 3, my type is called the “host.” That couldn’t be more accurate. While my previous brand served me well, I didn’t feel that my online space felt inviting or indicative of my client experience. I want clients to feel like they see themselves in my art, website, and branding. This is where Abbey Chaplain of Studio Gail steps in. 


When Abbey and I had our first call, I remember explaining a thought to her. It went something like this. 

“You know when you walk into a store and you immediately feel like you are at peace?” (For me, this is Madewell. Haha.)

You want to hum along with the music they are playing.

The employees are so supportive that you want to hang out a while.

Candles and scents create an emotive experience.

Their overall design is something you connect with.

“THIS is what I want my brand to feel like.” 

Timelessness is an inspiration for the work I produce. From shutter-click to editing, the end goal is for my photos to appear true to life/color. The reason I prioritize timeless imagery is because these are the moments my clients will live through forever. In 5, 10, 20+ years, I want clients to be able to focus on the content and emotion of their images, not an outdated editing style or trend. 

Abbey created a brand and website with longevity in mind. Just as timeless photography inspires me, a brand that will still feel current in the years to come is what I’ve dreamed of. Abbey executed this with flying colors!


All good things.

The entire reasoning behind this refresh was to further elevate my client experience. My business and the clients I care for are the reason I jump out of bed inspired in the morning. It is never lost to me how big of a decision picking a photographer is. I felt it was time to introduce client goodies, packages, resources, and a virtual space to further show clients just how much they mean to me!

My name change is one of the biggest, most vulnerable changes. We selected “Kassidy Ilayne Studios” because it sounds like an online home. It is important to me to create a space that is healthy, comfortable, and empowering for those who stop by. The word “Studios” specifically encompasses that!

Outside of a refreshed look and name, client packages and tailored resources are coming your way! Projected in late March 2022, I will have tangible goodies to send as welcome gifts. The gift I am most excited about is a 56-page wedding planning guide, specifically curated for my couples!


Along with my new virtual studio, I have updated images of myself to share! You might have seen on the ‘Gram that I was in Nashville for a secret project at the beginning of 2022? It all ties in here.

I stumbled upon the most perfect studio in Nashville (6 hours away from me) and knew my branding session had to take place there. In early January, my husband and I made way to Blanc Studio West.

I have to extend a huge thank you to Bri of Bri Nicole Photo Co. who met with me at B.S.W. to bring my dream photos to life. We had a blast, snapping away for a few hours and messing around with different concepts. These photos feel so aligned with my new brand.

Through this adventure to Tennessee, I not only got to experience being in front of the camera, but I also gained a new photography friend <3 I am so grateful for Bri and her willingness to help tell the story of my brand.


Welcome to my new brand. Website. Virtual space. Home. Online art gallery. Journal. Place to share my business + heart. I hope you feel like this is a place you belong in–– because trust me, you do! I would love to hear what you think about Kassidy Ilayne Studios and all of the “new” that is coming your way.

I am SO overjoyed you’re here with me.