Film Portfolio | Highlight

In 2022, I delved into the world of film as a creative medium…. a journey that began during my time in nursing school years before when I randomly enrolled in a elective photography course. Despite eventually leaving the nursing program to pursue my photography business, the photo class left a mark on me. We were initially taught the intricacies of film photography before even thinking about digital techniques. I found myself captivated by the process of developing film from start to finish. Since then, the characteristics and artfulness of film has become my muse.

As 2022 progressed, I came to realize the potential of incorporating film into my wedding and engagement sessions with clients. After much experimentation, I discovered the perfect combination of equipment and film that resonated with my creative vision of bright, dreamy photos. This discovery transformed my approach to weddings and is now a service I offer to clients.

Below, I showcase a small snippet of my film portfolio. For clients who may be uncertain about incorporating film into their projects, I hope this portfolio serves as a compelling testament to its beauty and versatility. If you desire more than just wedding photos and hope to frame works of art in your home, film might just be a perfect fit for you.